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Bluestooth XXL-2.png

Jo Moens

// drums


Yves Raveydts

// vocals


Timme De Jonghe

// trumpet


Katrien De Tant

// vocals


Jeroen Capens

// sax


Gino Cam Cole

// hammond


Quinten De Craecker

// trombone


Steven D'Hondt

// bass


Geert Vanvaerenbergh

// guitars


Bluestooth has a unique sound that combines blues, funk and rock using guitars, hammond organ and horns creating a unique musical experience.

The band is playing beyond imagination appealing to a wide range of audiences. Bluestooth shows proof of professionalism, from their music to their stage presence and interaction with the audience. Bluestooth has a growing fan base with more than 5000 followers on social media and a positive live reputation ... A draw for concert-goers...

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